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Women's Vibrotactile Wearable Toy - Quusvik 3-Point Sensation Enhancer

Women's Vibrotactile Wearable Toy - Quusvik 3-Point Sensation Enhancer

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Discover the Quusvik Vibrotactile Wearable, a discreet 3-point stimulation device designed for women. Crafted for comfort and efficiency, it offers a unique sensory experience. Perfect for on-the-go use, its lightweight design ensures privacy and ease of wear. Ideal for those seeking a subtle yet powerful wearable toy.


  1. 10 Frequency G-spot Stimulation: Experience intense pleasure with 10 different frequency modes specifically designed for G-spot stimulation. Explore a variety of pulsation patterns and find the perfect combination that brings you to new heights of pleasure.

  2. Intelligent Heating: Indulge in the luxurious sensation of intelligent heating. which ensures the toy reaches a pleasurable and arousing temperature. The gentle warmth adds a realistic touch and enhances your overall sensory experience.

  3. Low Noise Level: Enjoy your intimate moments with discretion and tranquility. With a noise level below 60 decibels. this toy operates quietly. allowing you to fully immerse yourself in pleasure without worrying about unwanted distractions.

  4. Wireless Remote Control and Wearable Design: Discover the freedom of hands-free pleasure with the convenient wireless remote control. With the wearable design. you can enjoy the stimulation wherever you go. while your partner takes control of the remote for exciting and adventurous play.

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