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Quusvik Automatic Thrusting Male Masturbator - Compact, Discreet Design

Quusvik Automatic Thrusting Male Masturbator - Compact, Discreet Design

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Experience unparalleled pleasure with the Quusvik Automatic Thrusting Masturbator, designed for the modern man. This male toy offers a realistic sensation with its advanced thrusting mechanism, tailored to elevate solo sessions. Compact and discreet, it's perfect for personal indulgence anytime, anywhere.


This masturbator has 5 rotation and thrusting modes. For even more pleasure. it also has an audio feature. For nighttime pleasure. turn on the LED display. You can easily recharge your toy with the USB included.

Dimensions: Total length: 10.50 inches / external diameter: 3.25 inches / internal diameter: 2.25 inches / internal length; 4.75 inches.

How to use your toy:
1. Hold down the power button for 3 seconds to turn the masturbator on or off.
2. Press the G button to choose a rotation and thrusting mode.
3. Press the circle button with two arrows. under the power button. to change the direction.
4. Press the bulb button. under the G button. to turn on the LED display.

How to clean the sleeve:
1. Unscrew the transparent cap by turning to the right.
2. Pull out the base that encloses the sleeve. It is magnetized to the interface base.
3. Pull out the sleeve and clean it.
4. Be careful not to get the bottom base of the socket that encloses the sleeve wet. as this may damage your toy.

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