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Quusvik Men's Water-Resistant Masturbation Cup for Enhanced Pleasure

Quusvik Men's Water-Resistant Masturbation Cup for Enhanced Pleasure

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Experience unparalleled pleasure with the Quusvik Masturbation Cup, designed for men seeking a unique water bath suction sensation. This innovative male accessory enhances solo sessions, offering a discreet, ergonomic design for ease of use. Ideal for aquatic play, it's a must-have for those who value performance and pleasure.


  • 5 Frequency Telescopic: Experience a truly satisfying sexual experience with the 5 Frequency Telescopic male masturbation cup. Equipped with a high-quality thrust motor and impeccable craftsmanship. this device combines precise motion and powerful thrusts to deliver an extraordinary level of pleasure. Explore the different frequency settings to find the perfect rhythm and intensity that suits your desires. allowing you to indulge in a truly amazing experience.

  • 4 Frequency Sucking: Indulge in intense pleasure with the 4 Frequency Sucking feature of this male massager. The inner tube of this device is textured with large granulated particles. providing heightened stimulation during the automatic suction process. Simply apply a water-based lubricant. glide your penis into the device. and let the amazing sucking sensations take you to new heights of pleasure.
  • 3 National Voice: Enhance your sensual experience with the immersive Real Sex Sounds feature of this masturbation toy. Equipped with a voice system. it offers authentic recordings from explicit scenes. allowing you to feel the thrill of a woman's passionate moans and screams. Immerse yourself in the realistic sounds and elevate your pleasure as you enjoy a truly immersive and arousing experience.
  • 7 Frequency Vibration: Experience a world of pleasure with the 7 Frequency Vibration feature of this device. With seven different vibration modes to choose from. you can explore a variety of sensations and discover the perfect vibration pattern that suits your desires. From gentle vibrations to intense pulsations. this feature offers a wide range of options to amplify your pleasure and take your experience to new heights.

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