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Quusvik - Sex Lubricant Pleasure Orgasm Enhancer For Adult

Quusvik - Sex Lubricant Pleasure Orgasm Enhancer For Adult

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Enhance your intimate moments with Quusvik, a premium sex lubricant designed for adults seeking heightened pleasure and orgasm enhancement. Its silky texture and long-lasting formula provide a smooth experience, catering to a variety of preferences and scenarios.


Features: lubricant for sex spray

Ingredients: purified water. menthol. hyaluronic acid. glycerol etc.
Usage: 1 minutes before intercourse to use close to the outer labia and clitoris 2-3 Gently massage a few moments
Efficiency: To help women orgasm quickly to achieve high quality sex couples to use.
Women flirt. Aphrodisiac products. effective treatment of vaginal sex and bored. play sterilization and antibacterial effect No side effects. no addiction. no numb. ease of use. allow you to quickly get the pleasure of enjoying the highest quality of human life.
Capacity: 20ml

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